Face Mask

The following Policy has been written in respect of the use of face mask for outfield players when defending Penalty Corners. In line with the FIH rules of hockey (4.2) England Hockey strongly recommends that face masks should be worn across all age groups and playing formats when defending a Penalty Corner. Old Cranleighan Hockey Club also supports this view and strongly advises junior and senior defenders to use face masks in game and in training situations.

Guidance For All Players in the Senior and Junior Sections

The guidance note below sets out Old Cranleighan Hockey Club (OCHC) position regarding the use of face masks during hockey play and their availability to players. It is important that all members (and, in the case of juniors, their parents or guardians) read this guidance and, where necessary, take steps to comply.

It is the personal responsibility of all players (and, in the case of juniors, i.e. players under 18 years of age, their parents or guardians) to provide their own protection equipment for playing the game of hockey. In line with the recommendation of England Hockey that face masks are worn at penalty corners to help prevent serious injury OCHC strongly advises junior and senior defenders to use face masks in game and in training situations.

There is no standard for face masks and as such the club cannot recommend any particular make.  Any provided by the club are bought from reputable manufacturers but the club is NOT responsible for any faults in the face masks, either through manufacturing, transport or wearing.

All players must recognise that playing hockey does have dangers and serious injuries can occur, fortunately rarely.  Personal safety devices (gum shields, shin pads, face masks, etc) can mitigate the risks, but even with them injuries can occur.

Senior Players

Senior players are permitted to make an informed personal decision whether to follow EH guidelines and wear a face mask or not. If they decide not to wear a face mask, OCHC shall have no responsibility for their safety at penalty corners.

OCHC provides 4 face masks to each Senior team. These are provided to the Captain and the responsibility of the Captain. If they are unavailable during the game or damaged then it is for the senior player to make a personal decision in respect of defending a Penalty Corner or not.

Should the Captain deem the face masks to be damaged they should seek a replacement via the Club Captain. If they are lost it is for the Captain to seek replacements at their own expense in a timely manner.

Junior Players

No junior player (under 18s and below) will be allowed to defend a penalty corner in any game for OCHC or in any practice organised by OCHC unless wearing a face mask. This includes playing Senior league hockey. OCHC will no longer provide face masks for junior squads. The responsibility for providing and using them remains with the player and/or their parents or guardians. We therefore recommend that all junior players purchase a face mask for defending penalty corners during a match or training, since the junior player will not be permitted to defend a penalty corner if no face mask is available. If there are cases of hardship and this purchase is not possible, please contact our Junior section administration team at ochcjuniors@gmail.com

OCHC Executive Committee

May 2020 (Reviewed Sept 2022)

September 20, 2022