Junior Membership

2021-2022 membership fees

At OCHC Juniors, we run a membership model of a main membership fee which includes Sunday training and fixtures and an additional small fee for mid-week training (available to U10s and above). We have frozen our membership fees for the forthcoming season.

There are 2 levels of membership fees, U8s and below and U10s (which includes U9s) and over. We also offer a reduced membership fee for any siblings playing at the club at the same time. The additional fee for midweek training is the same for all age groups/siblings.

U8 and under
U10 and over
Full membership
£160 £185
Sibling membership
£135 £160
Midweek training
Not available £80

Existing Members

You will receive an email from LoveAdmin shortly asking you to confirm your son or daughter’s place for the 2021-2022 season by paying the appropriate membership fee. We will ask you to make payment before 31st July to enable us to offer any available places from those not returning to those on the waiting list.

If your son or daughter is not planning to play next season, we’d really appreciate it if you could drop us a line at ochcjuniors@gmail.com as this will help with our planning.

For those who opted for the discount on the 2021-2022 membership fee, this will have been applied when you log in to LoveAdmin to make payment.

New members

If you are interested in joining OCHC Juniors, please register with us here, this will take you to our membership site LoveAdmin. We do have waiting lists in some of our girls age groups so it may not be possible for us to process your membership application right away. We review our waiting lists whenever space becomes available and we will then be in touch to offer you a place.

We currently have spaces in all of our boys age groups so whether your son is new to hockey, perhaps has played at school or is thinking of moving club, we’d love to hear from you.

For any queries about Junior membership, please contact our Junior membership secretary Sarah McKay at ochcjuniors@gmail.com

Membership hardship fund

We don’t want financial difficulties to prevent anyone from playing hockey at OC’s and to ensure this is never the case, we have created a hardship fund to provide help with membership fees. Please get in touch with our treasurer Kate Tanner to talk in confidence about how to access this fund ochctreasurer@gmail.com


What are your COVID-19 guidelines?

Please read our COVID-19 policy here Returning To Hockey

I don’t know whether my son or daughter will be in the orange or blue training group next season?

The main membership fee is calculated on your son or daughter’s age group so this will remain the same whichever group they train with. Training remains on a Sunday morning for all groups.

June 30, 2021