Junior Membership

2020-2021 membership fees

At OCHC Juniors, we run a membership model of a main membership fee which includes Sunday training and fixtures and an additional small fee for mid-week training (available to U10s and above).

There are 2 levels of membership fees, U8s and below and U10s (which includes U9s) and over. We also offer a reduced membership fee for any siblings playing at the club at the same time. The additional fee for midweek training is the same for all age groups/siblings.

U8 and under
U10 and over
Full membership
£160 £185
Sibling membership
£135 £160
Midweek training
Not available £80

New members

If you are interested in joining OCHC Juniors, please register with us here, this will take you to our membership site Love Admin. We do have waiting lists in some of our age groups so it may not be possible for us to process your membership application right away. We review our waiting lists whenever space becomes available and we will then be in touch.

Existing members – Renewals for 2020-21 season

Please log into LoveAdmin to renew your child’s membership. To secure your place for the 2020-2021 season we ask you to renew your membership by 1st August 2020 by either paying your child’s subs or emailing ochcjuniors@gmail.com to confirm your child will return to OCs next season. After this date, we will offer any available places to our waiting lists. Membership fees are due by 1st September 2020.

Coaches will be encouraging players from U10s and upwards to attend midweek training next season and you can sign up to this option when you renew your child’s membership. We appreciate that for some age groups it won’t yet be clear which training session your child will be attending (the coaches will confirm this during the first couple of weeks of the season). If you sign your son or daughter up but at the start of the season they are then not able to attend due to timings, we are happy to refund your midweek training fees. Please get in touch with us as soon as possible once the season starts (before the end of September).

When renewing your membership, it is important to ensure your child’s medical details are up to date, along with any changes to contact details. We have also updated a number of policies and we ask you to confirm you have read these when renewing your child’s membership. You can log in to LoveAdmin at any time to update your details or review the data we hold for you.

For any queries about Junior membership, please contact our Junior membership secretary Sarah McKay at ochcjuniors@gmail.com

New payment options when renewing for 2020-21 season

If you pay for your child’s place before the 1st August 2020 deadline, we are offering the option to spread payment of the membership fee(s) due over 3 equal instalments. The first instalment will come out of your account within 7 days of you renewing. The remaining two payments will come out of your account one month and two months later, shortly after the 16th of the month (i.e. 16th July and 16th August). Alternatively, you can pay immediately as usual.

We are also offering the option to confirm your son or daughter’s place by email to ochcjuniors@gmail.com and delay payment, with full payment of all membership fees due by 1st September 2020. Under this payment option, instalments will unfortunately not be available.

Membership hardship fund

We don’t want financial difficulties to prevent anyone from playing hockey at OC’s. To ensure this is never the case, we have created a hardship fund, supported by the re-launching of the 100 club. Please get in touch with our treasurer Kate Tanner to talk in confidence about how to access this fund ochctreasurer@gmail.com

The 100 club

If you are in a position to help others during these difficult times, please visit our 100 club page for more information on how a small monthly donation, from just £1, offers you the chance to win a quarterly cash prize whilst contributing to this much-needed fund.


What if the start of the season is delayed?

In line with Government and England Hockey guidance, we have been evolving our hockey provision for the summer to offer safe playing opportunities to our Juniors and the wider club. Looking towards September, in line with England Hockey guidance (issued 29.05.2020), we are planning to start the 2020-21 season as normal on Sunday 13th September.

We appreciate that some of you may have questions about what might happen if this isn’t possible so we’ve tried to plan for two broad alternative scenarios. We’ve done this in line with England Hockey guidance for the 2020-21 season.

Scenario A 

The season starts on time as planned. This is what we are currently planning for.

Scenario B 

If the start of the season is delayed by a short period (a few weeks), we would anticipate extending the season by a few weeks and finishing in April. We appreciate this may be difficult for some Junior players, for example those moving on to a different sport in the summer but it would ensure we could offer all players a full season of hockey.

Scenario C 

If there is a significant delay to the start of the season, we will need to reduce the length of the season. In this scenario, whilst many of our costs will remain the same, we recognise players will not be benefiting from a full season of hockey and we will look at offering players an appropriate membership fee refund.

I don’t know which group my son or daughter will be in next season?

The main membership fee is calculated on your son or daughter’s age group so this will remain the same whichever group they train with. Training remains on a Sunday morning for all groups. We appreciate however that for mid-week training this may be a little more complicated as weeknight commitments can be harder to plan for. If you sign up to mid-week training but during the first few weeks of the season find your son or daughter has moved to a training night which is no longer possible for you to attend, we are happy to refund your mid-week training fees. We would ask you to get in touch before the end of September by when all mid-week training groups will be confirmed.

June 19, 2020