Match Reports – October 12, 2013


The 1st XI continued their impressive unbeaten run with a 2-2 draw away against Marlow. The 2nd XI didn’t play after the oppo pulled out but the 3rd XI are top of their league with a great fightback to win 3-4. The Ladies however suffered a 0-2 defeat.

Marlow 2-2 1st XI
No formal report but lots of talks about how we were two up and let it slip,

Ladies 0-2 London
After last weeks defeat, the oc ladies were determined to pull back three points. An energetic warm up put us in good stead but a lack of concentration in the first few minutes meant that the opposition put one past us into the goal. Riled up, we picked up our game and a had several chances in the D but unfortunately didn’t mange to convert before the half time whistle went.

Following some encouraging words at half time, the second half started much more positively.The team worked well together to keep possession and much of the 2nd half was spent in the oppo’s half thanks to some great work by the mids and forwards. Defensively we held strong throughout, forcing the opposition into some ‘hit and hope’ passes. Unfortunately I think tiredness got the better of us and in the closing minutes a second goal was scored against us. A disappointing result for the ladies but they can’t be faulted for the effort put into the game. A big thanks to Liz for stepping in as captain in Tux’s absence, and well done to Nikki for getting Woman of the Match.

Reigate Priory 3-4 3rd XI
And so we roll on to GAME TWO which proved to be more a scene from Rambo – first blood- which ended with the great Stallone (Our skipper) forgetting the final score….. guts, blood and drama….this game provided it all.

It all started with Nathan sending us directions to the wrong ground. However despite the skippers sabotage we had 12 there for the team meeting and the side were left in shock with the sudden realisation that the infamous whiteboard was actually reversible. The plan was clear, move the ball swiftly and use our speed on the flanks, just how we won World War One against the Germans. Shockingly for an OCHC outfit we started very well and scored in the first 2 minutes. Usually we concede early and we automatically sat back and waited for Reigate to respond. It didn’t take too long and a cross from deep in the corner won them a soft goal which was quickly followed by a second. 2-1 down and now they have a short corner.

Their striker looked like he had been 10 rounds with Rocky but he evidently could smash the ball as it went straight at Crumby’s head. Blood all over the place and a hairline fracture and a wobbly tooth later we asked if he was going to apologise and the response was “I didn’t intend to hit him.” Ok. As Crumby was walking to A+E we ironically took control of the game.

Reigate couldn’t get our half, Tommy CD and our new recruit Nick were dominating the middle with fluid transfers and finally we were passing the ball with speed and passion. No goal though. At half time Skips pointed out the oppo are embarrassed to be ahead, so really it was more of the same and no soft goals at the back. Nothing goes according to the whiteboard when the game starts and we leaked another weak goal to go 3-1 down with 25 mins left. If this side maintains what happened next for the rest of the season it will be a glorious one.

We controlled the game henceforth and forced chance after chance, controlling the game on both flanks and finally a few short corners were won and Eds popped in two shorts from a very well drilled short corner routine and we were back to 3-3.

At this stage we saw the first card of the game. I’ll be honest – if you’ve lost control of the ball Bentsy lets not dive and then get up like Zinedine and try and start a fight with the man we know has been 10 rounds with Stallone. No-one is gonna have your back. Comically the opposition got the green card and the game continued.

With five minutes left Bents came good and made a great run into the D and passed to Eds to finish off a hat trick. We had 5 minutes to hold on and defended very deep to hold on to our magnanimous (eh?) 4-3 lead. With seconds to play Reigate won a short corner. Nigel was epic in defence and we managed to hold out for what was a truly emotional victory. So now we are top of the league. Minor point being we have played the two bottom sides and beaten them. We all dream of a glorious season and the day our skipper will send us to the correct ground and remember the final score. Best wishes to Crumby from all of us. This weekend will be a tougher challenge at home – especially as Jock is still on the sidelines following his “attempt to run” injury…. THE DREAM IS ALIVE!  Eds ‘Horribly Excitable’ Copleston