Match Reports – Saturday 1st April

Ladies 2XI Vs Teddington 4XI

Nothing like leaving to the last game of the season to secure our place in the league. Having the last game of the season at TD we had a job to do!

All the other games in our league had been played so we knew what we had to do….. a minimum of a draw to beat surbiton on goal difference and sneak above the dreaded red line. Realistically we wanted the 3 points just to make sure we were not relegated.
Everyone was nervous and the tension was palpable.

With a team motivational team talk from Molly H we headed out to the pitch.

The first 30 minutes you could tell everyone was desperate to get a goal and we couldn’t quite put the ball on the net.
Miggs has a goal disallowed but it proved we could put the ball away.

With play down the left, a shot causing the keeper to dive to her right left the rebound falling to Tabby. With composure and a flick she scored.

Half time 1-0.

Into the second half we went, knowing that 1 goal wasn’t enough. Lots of play in our attacking half and at one point every player was up in the attacking half.

With some epic play from Madi, returning from injury, she took on players and with “cross” scored.

The tide has turned in our favour and we were on the hunt for more goals

An interception on the half way line from Miggs, who travelled up the pitch and sent the ball high to Anaya who took the ball into the D and like a rocket fired it into the goal!

A minor break in play to them and they ended up 2 on 1 with Sam who came out of the goal, totally owning it! Never a doubt. Not even having to make a save, the ball flew off the side of the pitch!

That was it, we were finally on a roll! With what felt like our 10th short corner of the game.
The ball came to Candela and it was if the stars were finally aligning, she drag flicked it into the goal- epic! Finally, all the attempts had paid off!


With another onslaught with the clock ticking down and a minute to go. A drive from the right and D penetration the ball was slipped back from the base line by Madi, to Miggs who slotted it home

And the final whistle!

Job done! We finished 8th. Safe! Phew!

A big mention to the defence who prevented the oppo from having a single shot or short.

A huge thank you for all the support, the 12th man made a ginormous difference! Even the little drummers on the side that Umpire Martin so sadly told off! TD is the fortress!!

The biggest thank you and mention to Guss for all his support this season and being a true legend.

POM: Madi and Candela
Goals: Tabby, Madi, Anaya, Candela, Miggs


Ladies 3’s V Ashford 2’s, Won 2-1

If we win we move up to 3rd place, so a great incentive to continue our winning ways. As with other games we were very much the dominant side in the first 10mins so in pushing up and perhaps relying to much on the defenders when the oppo do get a break we occasionally get caught and so with an attacker and defenders stick connecting with the ball it pops up high over my head and out stretched arm and lands in the goal. But as this has happened before we didn’t let it bother us and continued to press until we worked the ball down the right crossed the ball to Aisling who ran it across the top of the D and with an amazing reserve hit
put it in the far corner.
1-1 at half time and needing just a bit more effort we set off again, Ashford’s team was not the team we played the first time and with a number of players who most likely had been dropped from their first team to help them win a few games and get them off the bottom of the table were rather feisty the more the game went on and especially after Yasmine stole the ball from a 16 hit out, passed to an un marked Aisling who went for the big smash while Yas ran in front of the keeper, the big smash didn’t quite connect but did make contact with the ball which bobbled its way on target while Yas danced, spun and generally got in the keepers way so the ball passed un challenged into the goal.
Yet again our defence held firm and not having to defend a single short corner we were very happy with the win.
A fine result to a throughly enjoyable season.
Massive thank you to Molly & Adam.
Another massive thank you to all our umpires, especially Phil who we have had the pleasure for a lot of our games.

Goals: Aisling x 2
POM Aisling


NPL 1s 0 – 2 Warriors

Whilst St Mary’s University is more well known for its alumni of sports stars on their track than on its astro, which hosted Warriors’ last game of the season v NPL 1s, on Saturday it saw it’s fair share of young talent.

Whilst last weekends’ win secured promotion, a win versus a resurgent NPL would secure the Warriors their first ever championship. Easter holidays took away regulars Alan, Rob, Luke and Molin, however Grant and Jonathan returned from their breaks to bolster the squad.

NPL 1s had boosted their squad since the last time we had played them with a few players returning from Uni and from injuries, and it showed in a tight first half that despite an advantage in possession, a stacked NPL defence didn’t give Warriors anything but half chances at goal.

Half time – 0-0 and time for coach Cato’s word’s of wisdom from the sideline.

Second half and Warriors U21 youth policy too over a tiring NPL. Sam and Zac started bossing the midfield with key tackles and excellent distribution. Riley found space out wide and showed his best skills of the season whilst upfront Jonty and James completely aggravated the NPL defence by constantly running them ragged, getting behind them and winning a string of short corners. It was Max though that finally broke the deadlock from one of these shorts. Playing defence or CDM doesn’t give Max many opportunities in front of goal but given the opportunity he managed to hit the keeper…..and then the ball kept onwards to cross the line. It may not have been the goal of the season, but it was one of the most important.

This was quickly followed up by a genuine contender for goal of the season….a perfect through ball found James breaking past the NPL defence 20 meters out. He then nudged the ball left around the keeper and reverse swept the ball into the goal.

There was still time for some tension at the other end. NPL were awarded a penalty flick when Nick using his foot saved an open goal. Whilst Brendon made himself as intimidating as possible, the ball whistled past the right post to Warriors relief.

With Alan Hansen’s famous words of “you can’t win anything with kids” our motivation over the past four/five seasons it was great to have the original Warriors (Ado, Nick, JC, Jonty and Max) reach this first major milestone for the team and for the many juniors who have played or soon will play Warriors to witness. Thanks should also go to the variety of vets who have each played their part as regular or guest appearances over the years.

Champions !

Goals: Max Nickless and James Hudson

MotM: The whole Warriors team


Ladies 4th XI 0-0 NPL 1st XI

Today’s dreary start to the last league match of the season didn’t deter us. We arrived early, in anticipation of the lack of parking and used the time wisely to warm up and practice penalty corners.

The starting whistle sounded and it was game on. We were all over them, with Ailsa, Poppy P and voiceless Bernie, penetrating the D again and again. The feisty NPL keeper and seasoned defenders managed to keep the ball out of the goal but failed to
get the ball to their high forwards. They were constantly met by our tenacious midfielders Zoe, Selma, Sophie, Charlie R and Poppy B who tirelessly out skilled them.
By half time we were 0-0 and clearly dominating the game.
The second half saw NPL upping their game and coming at us hard. They managed to turn most of their trips into the D into penalty corners. Evie, Tash, Roz, Lily Paula, Carolina & Lady Luck worked tirelessly which meant that none were converted.
The link between the defence, Midfield and forwards worked well today and everyone pulled together to ensure that we held a very experienced team, to a 0-0 draw.
It was a good match and a great way to end the season.
Mentions go to Ailsa, Selma, Poppy B, Roz & Zoe
Player of Match goes to Bernie.
Written by Paula.