Match Reports – Saturday 13th January 24

Ladies 1s  4 – 2  Hampstead & Westminster 3s

Despite a midweek frozen pitch the dream team Ladies 1s managed to walk away with three points.

It started with a chilly but keen team talk and an overpowering waft of deep heat. Having narrowly lost to Hampstead & Westminster 3-2 already we had to give the crowd the same level of entertainment but with a way more favoured outcome.

We started out strong dominating the first 15 minutes with many great saves by their keeper. Eventually Mckenzie had had enough and fired off a cracker back stick to put us in the lead.

Hampstead rose to the challenge and shortly snuck one past us. This fired us up even more, especially Emma, who went on to skill the whole team. Her silky skills allowed our solid defence to get out of a couple sticky situations and lead to the strikers finally pulling up their socks and putting away another goal to take the lead.

2-1 up at half time is a result we were aiming for while lathering ourselves in deep heat before the match.

Despite only having one sub, we started the second half strong, determined to keep hold of the lead. A slight lapse in concentration resulted in Hampstead evening the stakes. This did not deter us though we let them believe there was a chance for a bit before slotting two more past their keeper in the 60th and 62nd minute.

A great full team effort where everyone played for each other. Aimee made some next level saves, the defence was solid and the midfield and strikers ran their hearts out.

POM – Emma with close seconds being Easy and Dani

Goal Scorers – Dani Judge (3), Kenzie Ward


Ladies 2s  0 – 2  Ashford 1s

The Ladies 2nd XI headed out to Ashford and hoped to stick to winning ways following our win against Richmond last week. Though the morning was cold there was no fear of a frozen pitch and we were keen to support Sophie win against her old club and celebrate Nikki’s birthday in style.

We started strongly in the first half with continued attacking play in the middle of the pitch and distributing the ball well. In the first half we won two short corners, the first was awarded following a stick tackle on Sophie – clearly trying to show who was boss. Both times we were keen to try the ‘in and out option’, however both times we failed to score. Unfortunately following this continued pressure we then left our guard slightly down and as a result in open play three players managed to swiftly move the ball around in the circle and left Jasmine without a chance, 1-0 to Ashford.

We regrouped at halftime and following a rallying chat from Helen we knew confidence was key, we continued to defend bravely but began to lose steam in the attack as the game went on. There were a few stray balls which we attempted to materialise on, including a rare shot from myself, obviously to no avail. These continued failed attempts made us waver and our frustrations led them to secure a short corner in the last minute of the game which they ultimately scored, full-time 2-0 to Ashford.

The defensive line played exceptionally well and that is proven as Ele secured ‘dame of the game’ for her incredible tackles but shoutouts do have to go to the rest of the back line including Laura H, Helen, Jasmine, Jess and Lea. This really was a game where the scoreline doesn’t reflect the effort we put in. Our team was predominantly made up of defence and midfield and though understandable it is clear the team need to focus on clinical finishing in the circle. However, it is fair to say our press worked well and stumped Ashford a few times.

Though the game on Saturday could have a question mark due to the freezing weather this week and training is in doubt, rest assured the 2nd XI are pumped and already keen to ensure the next game is a win.

MOM: Ele Lunn

Warriors  1 – 1  Barnes Accidentals

After a rocky start to the season, Warriors had reached the half way stage of the season unbeaten in the last 7 games. Whilst the seasonal break in hockey had been a welcome relief to growing the injury list, it had been a shame to put the breaks on a decent run of form and growing confidence.

The previous encounter with Barnes Accidentals had resulted in our first loss of the season in an even game that we felt we deserved more. The rematch was our chance to show how far we had come.

Warriors welcomed back from injury two key regular players, Harry, who finally pulled his finger out, after pulling his finger out, and Grant who has learnt to never go back to Havant in the freezing rain. Their return, together with the addition of Warrior debuts from Pete and Graham added depth and experience to the Warriors’ lineup, boosting morale, confidence and bar takings.

The first half of the match proved to be a tightly contested affair, with both teams displaying solid defensive performances. Warriors demonstrated dominance in possession, constantly pressuring the Barnes Accidentals’ defense who in fairness were solid and thwarted some decent Warriors attacks. Despite passing the ball around in well and some decent attacking runs made by James, Jonty, Grant, Riley and Charlie, the scoreboard remained unchanged at halftime, as the teams went into the break with a 0-0 deadlock.

The second half witnessed an increased intensity as both teams sought to break the deadlock. The Warriors continued to control possession, dictating the flow of the game.

The pivotal moment arrived just after halftime when Warriors’ Charlie skilfully slipped past the Accidentals’ goalkeeper, breaking the deadlock and putting the Warriors ahead 1-0. The goal was met with both jubilation but perhaps over confidence. Barnes Accidentals proved their resilience, mounting a comeback later in the half. Despite the Warriors’ defensive efforts, the Accidentals managed to find the back of the net, levelling the score at 1-1.

As the clock ticked down, Warriors pushed to get back in front but their goalkeeper made some crucial saves, and Warriors failed to capitalise on several short corners. In the end, neither side could find the decisive goal, and the match concluded with a 1-1 draw.

Score: 1-1

Goal: Charlie Sangster

MoM: Charlie Sangster

Ladies 4s 0 – 1 Wimbeldon L7s
It was an absolutely freezing afternoon as we assembled at Oaken Lane for our rematch against Wimbledon.
Game on and Wimbledon came out fighting from the get go. They pushed our back line hard but some excellent defence work, including some great saves by Michele, meant that we managed to keep them at bay. We also had some great attacking play in the first half and managed to grab a couple of attacking shorts but unfortunately weren’t able to convert.
0-0 at half time.
The second half was tough, with play moving quickly from one end of the pitch to the other, keeping us on our toes. We continued to work hard as a team and there were some great passes between Niamh and Ella down the middle of the pitch. Bella and Charlie also linked play up well and demonstrated some great stick work.
We had a couple of shots on target but still couldn’t seem to get that goal. Wimbledon secured a couple of short corners in the second half and we managed to keep them out until the last 2 minutes when a sharp strike from Wimbledon from the top of the D got through, resulting in a 1-0 loss.
A tough way to end a game where we had a lot of chances and possession.
Onwards and upwards!
Player of the Match went to Roz Clark – well deserved.
Written by Lizzie

Stormers  6 – 2  Reading 

People often ask what it takes to be a Stormer. Of course it is well known that most of the Stormers met when working for various modelling agencies in and around London in 1999/2000. The Stormers’ latest Galactico is no different. Haucky of course being on the front cover of a number of BMX magazines in the late 90s.

The Stormers welcomed Reading to OC at the weekend and it was apparent when Reading arrived that Cato’s 18 month masterplan had worked. The OC car park being in such an appalling state that only the Reading players driving Humvees were able to safely negotiate Becher’s Brook and make it to the game on time.

Whilst Reading were understrength they are not to be underestimated. I think this is what Goalie meant when he repeatedly told the team to ‘wake the f up’. Goalie also made the mistake of confirming that he had ordered a job lot of ‘Invincibles 2024’ T shirts- a slippery slope to disaster.

The Stormers welcomed back Gavin after a few weeks away and he started well putting pressure on the Reading defenders. Following good work from Haucky and CB, Gavin scored two quick goals and the Stormers were away.

As is typical the Stormers then allowed the oppo back into the game. After the first 15 mins Reading started playing some decent hockey and, but for some good work from Craig and Heslop, could have scored a couple.

At this point Goalie started to combust. More on that below.

Following a few changes the Stormers improved and scored two more before half time.

Despite the 4-0 scoreline Goalie was not happy. In a similar fashion to Delia Smith at Carrow Road in 2005 Goalie admonished some unnamed Stormers (you know who you are- maybe) for complaining to the umpire. He said that any more moaning would result in a trip to the bench.

Now, in a masterstroke of psychology, Goalie sought to make his point by stopping an innocuous through ball and inviting pressure from Reading. Craig came over to congratulate Goalie on an impeccable long barrier and, during that discussion, the Reading attacker stole in to slot home. The trap was set. Goalie clearly wanting to see if anyone complained to the umpire- so he could send them to the side. Happily, the Stormers ignored Goalie, put it down to  awful defending, and got on with the game.

People often say that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This theory has now been disproved. JJ confirming this by hitting the ball into the keeper 8 times in a row from 3 yards. However, to his credit, it went in on the 9th try.

A number of chances came and went and whilst Reading scored another breakaway goal it was a comfortable win against a solid oppo.The only blot being Haucky slipping on a pair of pants (thrown at him from the side) and injuring a finger.

The Invincibles Roll On.
MOM – Gav
Goals – CB x 2, Gav  x 2, JJ and HeslopMatch Report by – Will Naylor


Ladies 5s  0 – 6  Wimbledon Scorpions

Taking the first 10 mins of the game and the second half, we played a strong, confident deliberately defensive game, having had a bruising outing against this essentially Wimbledon U18 development team last half season. We came out strong, not always our natural style and for 10 minutes put them under real pressure. We got into the D and whilst we didn’t manage to consolidate, it looked like it was going to be a very different meeting to last time. But then we slightly lost our way and the goals trickled in, ending the first half 0-4 down. Great team talk at half time saw a very different second half and we kept them from scoring again for 25 solid minutes. We saw more action in their D and a number of attempts on goal but sadly weren’t able to finish. A disappointing pea roller then snuck its way in, followed by a goal which we sadly watched go in, believing it to have been struck from outside the D. Final score 0-6 but when we were playing our best hockey, we gave them a good run for their money and have a lot of positives to take from the game.



Puritans  8 – 1  Indian Gymkhana

An early frost free 10.00 start against the talented and high riding IG, who beat us 7 – 1 in the opening fixture back in September, welcomed the 13 Purican stalwarts. A leaked message from the oppo gave Greg the basis of his motivational team talk which we clearly absorbed our totally dominating the first 10 minutes. A man of the match Rob Leach strike gave us a relatively early lead that would have been increased but for a series of top saves from the IG keeper. Having kept us at bay IG scored from their first attack, winning a short corner and, Barcelona style, tippy tappy worked the ball round our defence with the simplest of tap ins at the far post to make it 1-1, quality goal.

We continued to dominate and Andrew Sanders put us back in the lease before half time cleverly imparting top spin on the ball with an attempted stop resulting on the ball just creeping over the line. A break down the left enabled Knappy to add a third to put us 3 – 1 up at half time.

IG pressed us at the beginning of the second period but did not create any clear cut chances enabling us to suddenly cut loose with a series of super team goals with Knappy 2, Rob Leach, Ravi and Greg converting 5 of our chances. Rob’s second was as good a team goal as you could see, our breaking from defence with 7 or 8 one touch passes ending with Rob rolling the ball home.

Thank you to Wade and CJ for whistling the game with IG saying that they were extremely impressed with their officiating and thank you IG for availing themselves of TD, staying until well after 15.00.

Southgate away on Saturday.

Goals Knapp (3), Leach (2), Laly, Hutchins and Sanders

MOM Leach



Ladies 6’s  1 – 3  Merton 1’s

The following is based on a true story.  It has been decided that no names need to be changed to conceal identities, however some parts of the story story are not factually correct or have been embellished to enhance reader enjoyment or to cover up the fact that the author wasn’t paying attention all of the time.

An enthusiastic L6 team turned up for a very precise 2.05 push back against a team they had beaten 8-0 at the beginning of the season.  Lucy cautioned that since then Merton appeared to have gotten their act together.

There was great excitement and back slapping as, for the second week in a row, we had three subs!

Owing to the fact that we weren’t allowed on the pitch until shortly before PB we had a very short warm-up.  As the match started it quickly became evident that Merton had indeed got their act together and were a very good team.  Merton fairly quickly scored (I think from a short corner), however we were confident that we would be able to pull this back and win the game as we were pounding their (excellent) goal keeper with increasing frequency.  We were a bit shocked when Merton scored another goal from open play from a long ball through as most of our players were up the pitch trying to equalise.  So half time and we were 2-0 down.  Oops!

The second half started much like the rest of the match as we continued to try to score with the ball going left and right across the goal but unfortunately not in the goal.  Then Merton scored again in a similar fashion to the second goal.  Double oops!

The 6’s upped the tempo and, after an arial from our D straight onto the foot of a Merton player in their D which won a penalty corner which George scored with a drag flick into the bottom right corner**, / some lovely skill from Hels at right back who took the ball up the pitch to Freya who passed to Elle – it might be the other way round but who cares as the ball went to Lucy who scored. Yaay.

The pressure on the Merton goal continued until the last minute but unfortunately there were no more goals.  Everyone gave it their all.  The team effort was brilliant and I don’t think the score was reflective of the match.

Congratulations to Darcie who was a well deserved POM.

Onwards and upwards!

** there’s a slim chance that this has been embellished a wee bit.



Samurais  2 – 5. Spencer Harlequins

And so, after a first half of the season featuring a mixed set of results from the epic to the tragic, the brave Samurai arrived at a chilly Fortress in a spirit best described as excited trepidation for our first outing of ‘24 against one of the form teams of the league, Spencer Harlequins. Having carved out a bit of a reputation for slow starts, as we eyed up the oppo, we prepared to do battle. And remarkably, we seemed to find the secret formula for a strong start. It seems what we need is a somewhat half-hearted warm up, a timely reminder from keeper Ian about some of our non-optimal first and second minutes of previous games, and a truly micro on-pitch warm up featuring for a while a single tennis ball, where there was hardly time to get our mountain gear off. All this lead to us being clearly primed to peak form as the push back whistle rang out. From the bench, it looked like text book hockey, as our starting back four of Harry, JC, Josh and Harrison began moving it around smoothly, before confidently picking out Luke and Paul on the right and left. This military precision was rewarded by an early short and after a strong shot in my guest mid man Howie, Alex stepped in finishing in style and we were 1 up after less than four minutes. Clearly, we were facing a strong team with plenty of talent on show and despite our best efforts, a pacy and skilled left wing managed to drive though and equalise. But we held our shape, moved it around and kept up the communication and minutes later Alex, again, ran in an put us ahead. Finding themselves behind once more, a warming Spencer dug in and found a new gear, putting us under constant pressure as we started to rotate at the back and in the middle. What followed was a blur of defensive activity, several shorts and some powerful drives into our D, and as we came up for air at the break we found ourselves 4-2 down. Looking to recapture our best form from the start, we resumed, determined to keep our shape, defend hard and eager to get back into it. There followed a dogged 32 mins without another score during which we hung in and fought hard, as their strong front line continually pushed up and through us, while we struggled to consolidate when we were able to break through. Ian played a blinder directing his back line, but in the face of a sustained onslaught and amidst a flurry of sticks they managed to find a way through making it 5. In true Samurai spirit we fought back fast and hard and with less than a minute and a half to go we managed to win a short, from which Max Ripley, in his first Samurai debut and after a hard working game, had the satisfaction of connecting with a ringing shot which almost landed on target. It wasn’t to be for us today, despite some valiant effort. The holiday cobwebs were certainly blown away and we’ll be back and ready for the next one. MOM Alex for his two and special mentions to skipper JC ‘Botham’ for some fine cover drives, and Harrison for a really great performance.

Goals & PoM – Alex Walmsley

Match Report – Rich Wear


Barnstormers  2 – 1  Old Georgian Phoenix 

It is always reassuring to see Knappy’s dog on the sideline, and it took the edge off the cold as the Barnies reprised their season after what feels like a long Winter break. Yongey sauntered through the warmup whilst sipping a triple decaf caramel latté and eventually found the ballbag; we took to the pitch and eventually the game started.
OGs started in traditional style – at least that is what an exercised Tongy later told us – by not giving us the ball. An eclectic Barnies side, we took a while to settle into our rhythm, including Paddy watching their first short corner limp into the bottom right. 0-1 down, and slightly put out.
We then started playing with more of the regular vim and vigour. Paddy worked well with Yongey and Richy to start moving the ball forward, through Quinty to Gracey, who duly slotted one. 1-1 and feeling better.
The game was then in full flow, as were our substitutions. As soon as we got settled, we switched it round again to keep it interesting. Searsy and Tissy both put in proper shifts, including deflecting certain goals in both halves. Timmy, better known as The Wall(y), played a blinder, even taking a few shots around the pads to keep us in the game. He was a deserved MoM.
Tempers started to rise on both sides, and you’d be forgiven for thinking the OGs were actually footballers at heart. Your author was involved in several tussles, including the one where he thought he’d been obstructed, only to get the hit against him. His protagonist ran straight at him, forcing an energetic tackle, which Malcolm took a distinct dislike to. Two minutes on the side.
Eddy defended valiantly and Poeny and Cuzzy ran hard at the opposition, giving rise to many short-corners; we showed them lots of different tactics but failed to convert. With two minutes to go, we reverted to a traditional approach of smacking a well-stopped ball at the goal. Taking an indirect route, via the feet of both sides, Tongy’s lash eventually went in. 2-1. OGs were so distraught they kept chuntering and the umpire decided enough was enough and blew the game. It felt good to win!

POM – Tim Taylor

Goal Scorers – Grace, Tong