Match Reports – Saturday 3rd February 2024

Men’s 1st XI  3 – 3  Team Bath Buccaneers 

It was a crisp Sunday morning as the fresh-faced students from University of Bath arrived at the home of hockey. But despite looking akin to a school trip the team was hungry for redemption after a topsy-turvy game in the initial fixture saw them fall to just the 10 men OC’s. OC keeper Josh Doble was rumoured to be seen sharpening his kickers in preparation for what was sure to be a fierce game ahead.
A moment of silence in honour of Tex Lane was the calm before the storm as the game went underway. OC’s came out the gate at speed creating the games early chances. Irishman David Mawhinney had arrived in some questionable attire due to a washing machine malfunction but he looked sharp on the pitch as early link up with Ben Roe threatened the Bath goal. A carbon copy move only moments later saw him connecting with Jack Jamieson down the left hand side and after a heavy challenge in the D the umpire had no other choice than to award the obvious penalty flick which was coolly dispatched by Will Heywood. 1-0 to the good lads.
Despite the flying start for the OC’s it took Bath no time to respond, Matt Richardson had barely finished sui-ing in the minute that it took Bath to even up the score. Bath continued to cause problems with an orthodox shape of four forwards high on the byline and they stretched the pitch as much as possible. This played into the strengths of the students who were full of pace and running and wreaked havoc for the OC’s who were in disarray following the first goal. Some great last ditch defending from the back four and a flurry of great saves kept the OC’s in the game but Bath had managed to turn their purple patch into two more goals by half time. 3-1 Bath.
Some tactical changes at this time allowed the OC’s to grow back into the game, that and a timely dressing down from an incensed David Matthews on the sideline. It was the spark that they needed to gain a foothold and finally start pushing the students back with Callum Holloway and Matt Boote beginning to run the game from the screen positions. The pressure finally paid dividends when some good attacking play led to an OC’s corner. January super signing Ben Tibble, (immediately in to inject after a devastating hairline fracture to Captain Phillips wrist), zipped it out to the top of the D where Ben Roe sent a ball hurtling to goal faster than he drives through school zones. The pace was too much for the keeper who could only palm it to a grateful Ben Tibble who deftly controlled the ball (definitely legally) before sending it across to Matt Boote to tap in on the reverse.
The good lads kept hunting as the students were powerless to stop a turning tide. The equaliser finally came as slick link up play released Jack Jamieson down the right baseline. After flashing an errant pass out the D in a similar position in the first half the message from Coach Matthew’s was that he would be shot on sight if he did it again, which surely gave him the impetus to look up and perfectly pick out Harry Lankfer who had ghosted in to the back post and clinically slotted the ball past a helpless Bath keeper.
The score 3-3. The atmosphere electric. It felt the game could only end one way, but time was on the side of the students as the clock neared the end of the game. There was only time left for one last gasp attack and the final roll of the dice saw the ball crashed into the D and after a bit of ping pong a bouncing ball presented a difficult chance to Cash Robert’s to try and seal the game, but the shot flashed across the goal narrowly wide and the final whistle went.
It was far from perfect but the OC’s showed some real grit to overturn a two goal deficit and were unlucky not to take all three points in a roller coaster game. Two 3-3 draws in the last two games mean that the OC’s sit 6th in the table but with only 4 points between themselves and 2nd and upcoming fixtures against Richmond (1st) and Exeter (3rd) there is ample opportunity for them to march up the table.


Ladies 1st XI  1 – 4  Surbiton HC 3rd XI

OCHC Ladies 1’s started with high spirits and a strong warm up as we sussed out our opponents, who, as Hazel said, “They’re young enough for me to be their mother…” enough said! Ben hid in the dug out on the benches away from the sprinklers while the team had a pre-match talk on the pitch.
The first half of the game was very equal with the ball bouncing from one end of the pitch to another but Surbiton started with a 1-0 lead. However, a last minute field goal for OCs just before the whistle made it a draw at half time, 1-1. Team spirits were high as we were raring to fight on for another 35 minutes. An inspiring half time talk from Ben and the OCs were ready to hit the ground running.
Despite strong team work and lovely play, Surbiton took the score to 2-1 within the first few minutes of the second half. We had a few really good opportunities with solid play up the wings into the D, winning some short corners and playing the ball off the keepers pads. Unfortunately another goal was bounced in by Surbiton making the score 3-1. With some interesting umpiring throughout the game, the tempers began to run short on the side lines with fences being kicked and questionable language flying round left, right and centre (DOD Adam….) In the final 10 minutes, legs were tired and energy was flagging but we kept fighting till the end. Surbiton scored again making the final score 4-1. A fantastic team effort and a great game all round.
MOM- Alex Richardson
DOD- Ben and Adam

Goal Scorer – Mollie Kelly


Men’s 2nd XI  8 – 4  London Wayfarers 3rd XI 

Dear FRJ,

Thank you for submitting your delay repay claim to SWRailway. (You must be pretty bored if you have the time to do this…) We apologise that you have been voted “D*ck of the day” for our complete failure to run a train for your “Mighty OCs Peoples Team Game against London Wayfarers”.

Claim Reference – OCs 8-4 Wayfarers
Date : Saturday 20th January
Departing: 13:00 – Ollie Davies Astro (DR End)
Compensation: Match Report

– 13:00 – Wayfarers Push Back
– 13:11 – Goal Lamb
– 13:16 – Goal Wilson (Deflection from Tim’s flick)
– 13:20 DR Goal (at the Football End)
– 13:22 – “we need another one , of all the teams to come back, these guys will) (RJ, 2024)
– 13 :28 Goal Wayfarers
– 13:30 Goal Wayfarers
– 13:31- Complete Headloss from Lawson
– 13: 32 Goal Wayfarers
– 13:33 – Inspirational Chat from Captain DR
– 13:34 Goal “Hanging” Cornwall
– 13:35 HT
– 13:36 -Dave rants about u9 football team winning 8-0, poor kids.
– 13:43 – Push Back 2.0
– 13:50 – Goal Wilson
– 13:56 SHORT CORNNER – Lawson (OD touch?)
– 13:58 – Goal Wayfarers
– 14:00 – goal Cal Tickner – Let the Boys Play
– Wayfarers Green card
– 14:15 – Final Whistle

14:17 – “think some of the lads were out last night” (Matthews)
14:17 “Not me, I only had two pints” (OD)
14:17 – “have you seen Matt Cornwall” (Matthews)
14:18 – Silence

Post Match Thoughts
1. OC Club to provide  Shower Douche for 2024/25 Season.
2. Italy were up against England
3. Those pizzas looked deece, bring on the Sea Bream.
4. Benny Wilson is training for the “Annual Wilson Boat Race”
5. I Vito Orange Home Shirts next year
6. Simmo injured himself playing table tennis in the Clapham Tap.
7. Stop thinking about the 1s @Harry Lankfer, @Rico, @Ladd,
8. There’s 30,240 minutes until the OC Stag Dooooooooooooooooooooo


Ladies 2nd XI  0 – 4  Teddington 3rd XI

We started the first half strong with OCs dominating at the start. However, we conceded a goal after a breakaway through the midline which resulted in a short corner. They were well drilled and despite initially saving it on the line, the ball managed to creep across. So we reset and tried again, getting plenty on opportunities on goal but none successful. Teddington scored another goal with a breakaway and a strike, leaving the first half 2-0 to Teddington.

We came out stronger in the second half and played with more width and more goal hungry. We held our heads high and ignored a lot of the rugby tackles from them.

Eventually, they turned ball over and we received lots of pressure in our D. Lots of strong saves from Jasmine but we conceded another goal in another slick short corner tutorial as the ball took a neat deflection. Leaving the score Teddington 3-0.

OC’s continued to have the majority of possession. Brilliant transfers from the defensive line and the mids to the forward line with another short corner. Many great strikes from Alice, Grace, Charlie A and Laura P in the short corners, we were very unlucky not to get it in the net.

OC’s continued to maintain most of the ball with constant battles, however Teddington were strong and OCs had to defend a lot with clears from Liv, Ele, Helen, Laura and Lea but another goal was unluckily conceded.

The last 10 minutes were very intense with OCs eager for goal and many more shots and short corners in the D. After an injury, we were dying for a goal, but unsuccessful. Great effort from everyone, undeserved loss!

Final Score 4-0 loss.

MOM: Charlotte Heap.

 Ladies 4th XI  1 – 5  Ashford 2nd XI

If the match had started at half time we would have drawn our better yet won. Unfortunately, for us, it didn’t occur this way.
The second half was a hockey masterpiece of skill and dedication. Shout out to the brilliant defending of a goal from Bella and Michelle’s incredibly reliable goalkeeping.
Sadly I must mention the first half which despite our valiant efforts was not as successful as we would have hoped. The highlight being a well placed goal by Charlotte Stubbs.
Moving swiftly on I am really proud of my team continuing to strive for shots on goal and our undying support from our cheerleaders.
Player of the match Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner


Barnstormers  2 – 0  Epsom Old School 

Somewhat unnerved by the directions sending us to the Priory Court Care Home, the Barnies team were pleased to find an Astro and see the Epsom team warming up.

Your author missed the pre-match prep but I’m sure it involved starting quickly, letting the ball do the work and be kind to the umpires; #standard.

The game started well, with the Barnies taking a firm grip of the match. Good, solid passing meant we threatened the Epsom goal much more than they did ours.

The first goal came from a swift ball down the left. Your author took a clever sideline ball forward and slotted it to the current Golden Stick lead; one nil to us, courtesy of CB.

After that is all got a bit hazy.. Gerry scored and we continued to be in the lead until half time. The half-time talk reset the scoreboard and we were charged with playing with the same energy and vigour from the off.

The second half saw Epsom come back into the game. They worked hard to move the ball at pace, looking for their speedy centre-forward. It was on one of these occasions that the said forward met your author, at pace.

His change of direction, seconds before a firm tackle led to an almighty kerfuffle and ultimately a short corner and a green card. Naturally, your author feels slightly hard done by, however Epsom failed to score and all was good.

The other incident of note was a seemingly innocuous nudge in the back that left Cato writhing in pain. Your author suspects that the Epsom player led with his stick and Cato now has very sore ribs.

In spite of these incidents, the Barnies managed to keep Epsom at bay. They even scored a third goal in the second half, only to have it ignored/misremembered by all parties except your author.

Gracie was a stalwart throughout all of this, and a worthy MoM. In the end, Barnies were fair winners of the game and we look forward to the next league success.


Ladies 5th XI  1 – 5  Epsom 5th XI 

It was an overall good game,
The opposition started strong and we quickly had to react, unfortunately as we were getting up to speed we conceded 4 goals by half time, however we had a much stronger second half with a 1-1 draw, we had lots of attempts at goal and a few short corners. Finally our well deserved goal came from a strike across the D and in from Freya. Final score was 5-1, with POM going to Natalie Johns with a great play in defence.


Puritans  3 – 0  Surbiton Vintage

A 12th consecutive victory against various Surbiton teams for the author of this drivel over the last 5 years which is fun to write. However none have been as one sided as the latest victory.

One D entry and zero touches by Mike F in goal said it all. But for Frosty in the Surbiton goal the score would have been a cricket score as he pulled off save after save.

As is evident from these words our ability in front of goal was lacking although not helped by seeking to penetrate 11 men in the D for the bulk of the 70 minutes.

Sanders touched home the first in the opening half whilst Leach and Marnitz added a worked short corner each both a produce of a change to our tried and tested outrageous Greg H dummies that still fool every defence.

Our 100% record for 2024 intact we have a week off this weekend although all there is a palpable eagerness to keep the run going and aim to finish second in the league come April behind BromBecks who are pretty well home and hosed as league winners.

Golden Glove – Michael Finnegan

Goals – Rob Leach, Andrew Sanders and Lee Marnitz

POM – Howie Cruthers


Ladies 6s  2 – 1 Old Kingstonians

Ladies 6s were needing a win against Old Kingstonians to move a couple of crucial places up the table so we knew it was going to be a tough match. We started off strong, making our passes to create a good attacking game. The first half gave us plenty of chances to score, driving up the wing but not managing to get the correct pass at the baseline or hitting straight to the keeper. Our first goal finally came with a super assist from Kiran Welsh to Jenny Ripley, who scored. Half time we were 1 – 0 up. Old Kingstonians had come close to scoring, it was a very evenly matched game, back and forth up and down the pitch and it was keeper Freya St-Gallay who had saved us being 2 – 1 down by half time. The second half was testing everyone’s stamina, and then OKs scored! We didn’t deflate, we fought back, the whole team kept their shape, brillant play, and Lovisa Parker scored through a textbook assist from Ffion Rowe. The last ten minutes of the game was spent preventing the ball getting anywhere near their end and we worked so hard as a team to achieve exactly that. Lovisa Parker and Sophie Anderson were not going to let that ball do anything else, and it was our team that kept up the stamina while OKs lost theirs. Defence kept high and the strength of the defence line was immense. The final whistle blew and it was the well deserved 2 – 1 win we needed.  There were so many names flying around for POM, proving how well Everyone had played, we were such a brilliant squad. Lovisa was on fire throughout the entire game and pipped Helen Lovett and Laura Williams to Player of the match. Captains had Freya as their Pom for the improvement in confidence which was clear to see over our last two matches. A superb win for the 6s.

Pom Lovisa Parker
Goals Jenny Ripley and Lovisa Parker
Assists Kiran Welsh and Ffion Rowe


Hamstrings 5-0 vs East Grinstead Saints

Another week, another epic encounter in the O50s league. Keen to bounce back from a torrid away 3-1 loss to Wimbledon, we returned to Fortress TD with a full squad and the addition of goal-machine Gav up front. East Grinstead were missing a few regulars but still had enough firepower to threaten to ‘do the double’ over Hamstrings this season. OCs had other ideas.

Unlike last week’s back-tempered affair in Wimbledon (the Worple Road ‘Wrestle-off’) both teams played with a smile and some skill. Open, flowing passing, hockey that was ‘easy on the eye’, said our solitary spectator and team mascot, Simon Duncan.

OCs had struggled to convert chances in previous games, but this time our dynamic attacking duo of Gav (2) and Baz (2) combined on several occasions to get behind the last line of defence via intricate one-twos to score in open play. But ‘goal of the day’ goes to stalwart defender Justin Crabtree for his crisp first-time strike from the edge of the circle to rifle into the back of the net and earn him ‘Man of the Match’. Special mention to golden gloves himself, Nige Hawes, for a clean sheet and perfect disciplinary record.

Written by Robin Crumby