Match Reports – Saturday 12th November

Bit of a mixed bag on results this week, let’s hope for more goals and wins next week!  Hopefully the men’s match reports will  come soon…

Ladies XI 2-0 London Wayfarers 4s

Imagine the scene… a quiet suburban road in Tooting Beck and along comes Kate, the tranquility shattered. Neighbours start twitching their curtains to see what was going on. Her car horn starts blaring and doesn’t stop. We go over to check if she is ok and she is a strange shade of green.  Before we knew it she is out of the car, keys in hand with the horn continually blaring! The neighbours are out in the road now and Kate is trying to recover from a viciously repeated ginger smoothie.

However, this didn’t put her off her game and she had a cracking match down the wing and even secured MOM.  Despite the dramatic start to the match, we were all over them, with 90% of the play in their half.  The whole team played well, we pressed, we played round the back and took advantage over the inexperienced umpires.  Despite many of the team being off ill, we managed to find us that extra energy to pull us through the match to win 2-0.  Another fine victory that puts further pressure on the league toppers, ready for the show down in a few weeks.

OC Vamps 4-3 Surrey Spartans Ladies 2

Barnstormers vs Epsom HC Embers – 0-4

Being close in the league table we expected and received a tough game. The run of play was very much on our side with various attacking formations and shots being fended off and defended. But the magic goal wand landed in Epsom hands this week and the 2 chances they had in the first half resulted in goals.
Heads up for the second half, no point putting up shop we continued the offensive. The wand just got bigger and we finished 0-4.

1st XI 2-4 London Edwardians

2nd XI 4-1 Cheam

3rd XI 6-0 Addiscombe Men’s 2s

Another curate’s egg of a performance when we looked superb in bursts but very lacklustre in between. To Addiscombe’s credit they countered well and created chances throughout but rarely looked like scoring while we dominated possession but found ourselves running into too many dead ends inside the 23. Still, a good win which keeps us top.

4th XI 0-2 Croydon and Old Whitgiftian 3s

Heroic performance against run-away league leaders Croydon on Saturday. They said it was the toughest game they have played and to concede only twice was testament to some impressive defending and hard work all round. A great team effort. 0-2 was probably fair result in the end, but to keep it 0-0 in second half was massive.

In part our second half success owed much to master tactician Harmer who had studied Croydon’s form and devised a ‘Christmas Tree’ formation to deal with their attacking threat, with Bertie Bance sitting at the top of the tree as our ‘Jovial Elf’ (surely Fairy?). Despite dropping a bauble or two in the first half, there was enough liquorice and candy all round to keep our visitors at bay. Santa Steve delivered his usual long-ball treats but his little helpers up front couldn’t capitalise and we remained goal-less. For the next game, Steve has promised something equally seasonal. We can only hope he brings another sack-full of goodies.

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