Match Reports – 5th November

A real firecracker of a results from Saturday!

1st XI 2-2 Banbury

2nd XI 0-3 EUHC Gamblers London 1

3rd XI

No game

4th XI 5-0  Leatherhead 2s

Cracking performance from a full strength 4th team. Bolstered by the return of key players post half term break and with injection of goal scoring talents of Knappy and Ed Copleston upfront, there were high expectations pre-game. It was distinctly one-sided at times with Nige ‘the wall’ Hawes barely called in to service. We didn’t concede a single short corner in the whole game. Cato Choi was outstanding in stifling any nascent attacks. Mid-field dominated possession and James Crabtree again had some good runs down the right. Important goals and contributions by Rob J, Tissy, Knappy, Howie and Copleston sealed the win.
In the words of Virge, our capable umpire, it was ‘One of the most boring games I’ve seen in a long time’. When the only real drama came courtesy of a comedy dive and pained yelp from our keeper during a hand-bags incident with the Leatherhead striker backing in. Virge was having none of it. Not even a card this time. But if winning is what boring looks like, I’m all for it.

Ladies XI 4-1 Old Georgians 1s

With 2 weeks off and Dan’s inspirational quote fresh in our minds we were off to a great start.

Losing to the OGs twice last season, we started with the drive we needed, leaving no doubt in our mind that we could win against them this time, and…WE DID! – In tremendous style too – winning 4-1!

Our teamwork was solid, running the ball up and down the wings, putting all the drills we had learnt in training to use. The game started fast and it took us a minute or two to drop into our game.  However, the midfields played hard to get the ball transferred up to the forwards.  One player in particular deserves a special mention; Katie, (despite worrying weather or not she’d make her 5pm haircut) was having the game of a lifetime, scoring a very calm P flick and a cracking goal from out field play.

Nevertheless, as the saying goes, there is no ‘I’ in ‘team’, her efforts wouldn’t have been anything without the help from everyone around. Just goes to show what we can do! Bring on next week and Dan’s inspirational quote.

Vamps 3-2 London Wayfarers Ladies 9s

The OC Vamps travelled to the prestigious surroundings of Dulwich College to play London Wayfarers – our old rivals from Div 11.  Last season finished with the 2 teams level at the top of the league, with only goal difference putting the Vamps at the top.  The latest meeting was a close thing too, but again we finished on top with a 3-2 victory, moving us up to a prestigious equal 3rd in Div 10.
Kim opened the scoring to give us a 1-0 lead at half time, and shortly added another after the restart.  Jane slotted the third home after a melee in front of goal, and at 3-0 up we felt like the bee’s knees!  But by the time the score reached 3-2 with 10 minutes to go, we were on our knees – somehow we held out thanks to some heroic defending and wonderful last ditch clearances from Kate.  As ever the performance hinged on brilliant efforts from all the squad, the midfield putting in a serious shift, and the forwards turning the opposition defence inside out. And goalkeeper Nici was GREAT.
Home game at 1.00 next week – chance to improve our goal difference.

Barnstormers vs Crawley Men’s Vets – cancelled

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