Through to another Surrey Cup final

1st XI 8-5 Croydon and Old Whitgiftians 1s

“We showed character and fantastic strength in depth” said club coach George Pettitt following the cup holder’s victory over Croydon.

After scarce availability for the men’s 1’s this weekend the team travelled to Woking for a semi final against Croydon in the Surrey Cup. Croydon were buoyed by back to back promotions and were seeking a huge cup scalp. This possibility was made very likely as Pettitt had been forced to delve into the deepest depths of the men’s section to field a team that consisted only five 1st XI and 2nd XI players. This was great testament to the strength in depth the men’s section has established this year. However, the 1st XI players should note that Aintree, collecting tour stash and double dates are feeble excuses for missing out on Surrey Cup hockey.

Following our arrival at Woking it was apparent that Olly Davies had arrived with a serious case of Café Soul following his birthday celebrations, meaning once again turnovers were all too consistent in the OC’s back line. Fortunately, the midfield and forward line started sharply with Cook, Davies and Cornwell all getting themselves on the scoresheet. After a troubling year from the top of the circle, Ming found good form nailing two drag flicks into the bottom corner but this was all too late for a man returning to Bath Bucs next year. OCs entered the half time stage in a commanding position leading 5-1.

The second half was a far more cagey affair as OCs rotated the bench to give OD a chance to recover from his birthday celebrations. This lead to Croydon reducing the deficit to only two goals. But quality finishing from David ‘Benjamin Button’ Knapp Thomas and Pettitt saw OCs finish the game with an 8-5 Victory.

On April 22 we travel to Purley Walcountians to face Reigate Priory as we look to retain our title. With limited availability again it appears the team will have to rely on the old guard if they are lift the cup.

Mom: Ming. M
Dod: Davies