Game Day: Meet Adrian White

Name: Adrian White or ‘Ado’

Team / Position: Warriors / Defence (and U16 girls team manager)

The Warriors are on a winning streak this season. What’s the secret to the team’s success and does this have anything to do with the force of the White family duo?
It’s always great when you’re winning and the team is now brimming with confidence. We are made up of a blend of youth and experience, all who want to win but most importantly want to enjoy playing hockey each Saturday. It has been great to see the Juniors get stronger this season. Last season we struggled with the physicality of some of the older teams but this season we are running rings around them. We’ve also been boosted with some guys who are back after taking a break from hockey.

As for the White family duo, well, yes we both share the same competitive DNA…but there are a few of us like that on the team.

You’ve been instrumental to the growth of the U16 girls and boys. What’s changed and what can we do more of as a club to nurture their transition into Senior teams?
The Club has grown massively since I first started looking after junior teams. Initially there wasn’t space within the existing senior team setup to accommodate the boys, so the Warriors team was created. Without exception all of the boys development accelerated dramatically once they started playing mens hockey, and I am now seeing the same with the U16 girls who play ladies hockey. Not all of them will make the first team, but I am sure they will continue to play and enjoy hockey for many years.

You’ve also been the catalyst to our Cayman Islands sponsorship. Why does OCs matter to them?
Cayman is a beautiful and safe holiday destination in the Caribbean and the hockey and rugby players and families based in Surrey are closer to their target market than many other sports. If everyone takes a look at their website or visit their Facebook page and sees how stunning it is, then the sponsorship will have been worth it.

Finally, when we can get back to the club, is it all about JJ’s fajitas or burgers?
Definitely JJ’s fajitas for me.