Game Day: Meet the Ladies 5 XI

We’re all missing hockey right now but there’s a team who have seen a lot of change over the past few years. We hear from Rae Knowles, the Ladies 5s Captain on what it’s like to lead this powerful force…

What’s so exciting about this group of ladies? Seeing us grow into the Martlets and now the Ladies 5s over the past three years is one of the best things I’ve experienced. We’re an amazing group of friends who get together each week and we train in all weather.

What’s your Game Day highlight? Saturday’s are a highlight as we take on assorted and ever more youthful teams, often surprising ourselves with the quality of our performance! And not forgetting post match banter in the clubhouse.

What are you most proud of? I’m really proud of the team we have developed into and I look forward to getting back on the pitch together soon!

Ladies 5s: Here’s what you should know about them… 

  • A force to be reckoned with. Most come from our successful Back2Hockey programme along with some brilliant Juniors moving up to Ladies hockey
  • They party with the best of them. This group is always well represented at Club socials – from the infamous Christmas Jumper party, to Curry Quiz Night
  • They’re keen. If you think you’re keen, think again! For the past two summers, they’ve hired various pitches so that they can continue to train
  • They’re stash addicts… As arguably the biggest OC kit customers, they’re easy to spot in head to toe navy and orange
  • They train hard and their training sessions are the most well attended of the week.