Game Day: Meet the Ladies 2s

We’re all missing hockey right now so today, we hear from Ele Lunn, an original Ladies 2s member on how ‘eye of the tiger’ helped to fuel two promotions in their first two seasons… 

What’s special about the Ladies 2s?
The team are such a welcoming bunch – I think it’s because the team started as a mix of two different groups from a club merger and something just clicked. We have so much fun but also want to win and are super competitive!

How do the Ladies 2s get in the zone on game day?
TUUUUNES! We have a portable speaker and warm up to cheesy but energetic music. ‘Eye of the tiger’ is a particular favourite!

Are there any team rituals?
We love a post home-game sauna and beers. Pre-game, we have the OCs war-cry and I personally like to tap everyone’s sticks and get a bit shouty before push back!

What are you most proud of?
Co-captaining the team to two promotions in two seasons in our maiden years. Otherwise, just being a small part of a brilliant and effective team. Also rapping our first ever Captain’s speech at the End of Season Dinner to 150 people was an awesome feeling.

What’s the highlight of the season so far?
Wow, I can barely remember playing before Christmas but definitely our first league game back after a lockdown was a personal highlight. I miss hockey and it made me realise just how much I value my time to be part of this team and the wonderful friends I have made at OCs. Love you ladies!