Game Day: Meet Molly Warner

Name: Molly Warner

Team / Position: Ladies 1s/ Goal Keeper

What’s the thing you miss most about hockey at the moment?
The thing I miss most about hockey is the team. I love hockey because of who I play with and the team spirit we have. We help each other through the ups and downs and we are such a united team that are all focused on playing well to do the best we can do for each other whilst having fun. So, yeah I would definitely say the social side and teammates is what I miss most about hockey.

What are some of your favorite team moments in the last year?
For me my favourite team moment from last year was beating London Accies at their home ground and destroying their fortress because Thames Ditton is the only fortress. This has to be a highlight as it was such a tough game as we had to dominate both on the ball and off the ball throughout the game. This was one of my favourite games to play in because it was a brilliant team performance where everyone was giving it there all and this was why we came away with the three points. This for me was the game where I realised how proud I was to be a part of such a great team.

What have you done during lock down to keep fit both mentally and physically?
During lockdown I have loved having the team fitness calls every Tuesday as it really helped me to stay focus and look forward to being back on the hockey pitch. I have been trying to ensure I run at least twice a week and do a HIIT work out every other day. I think that lockdown motivated me more to keep fit physically because it was the only time I got to myself with the whole family being at home all the time. At first, I found the lockdown difficult mentally as it all came as quite a shock. However, I found that competing against myself, my family and friends in different aspects physically really helpful. I think that one of my main motivations to keep fit and healthy was my dad because he has started running a lot more and as a competitive person I am always trying to push myself physically to stay fitter than him. Mentally I have found staying in touch with my friends and family has really helped because they are the people who want me to do well and push  my-self to be the best I can be and having these people around me motivated me.

What are you most proud of?
I would say I’m most proud of getting to the NAGs trails this year, it was such an amazing experience.

What gets the team revved up before a match?
Every game Richie gives a great team talk before we get on the pitch, it always gets me focused and ready to play.

What’s your pre-game ritual?
Before every game I have to put my kit on the same way, in the same order. It is probably why Lauren is always telling me to hurry up.

What’s your favourite thing when playing ladies 1s?
I love the competitiveness of the ladies 1s and the team spirit. We are always trying to push each other to improve and for me that makes me want to improve every week. I also really enjoy playing with the ladies 1s because everyone in the team is so welcoming and supportive. For me the team spirt within the ladies 1s is unmatched, and this shows on and of the pitch. This team spirt is what helps us to perform for each other week in week out.