Captain’s Rant – October 2016

Ah … welcome back to all avid readers of complete rubbish

So not much to rant recently about until the last two weekends where frankly there has been enough to make your blood boil.

1. I know my eyesight might not be what it once was (as Heardy keeps reminding me) but when Tissy starts to lecture me on which side of the stick is curved and not usable, frankly green cards are but the start of the reply. If he put as much energy into playing as advising umpires….

2. Then another commentary on my eyesight when Thommo from Surrey Umpires, having seen the Dream Team umpire the 3’s to victory against Reigate, asks us if we want radio mikes. On second thoughts, it must be Martin’s eyesight.

3. Finally having watched the 1’s convert only 3 of a dozen second half clear goal scoring chances on Saturday I really am contemplating dusting off the old boots. Guys, its not that difficult and it will save me a bundle on blood pressure pills if you could just be a little more clinical. Thanks.