Club Captains Rant – February 2016

“I am pleased to say that having survived the double whammy of the Annual Vets lunch, followed by Valentines Day, I am now able to put some prose together for a rant.

First off why aren’t there any Rennies behind the bar? There I was on Saturday doubled over by a dose of red-wine-and-port hiccups. Now I don’t mean to be ungrateful to Georgie G but she helpfully fed me a glass of warm water and bicarb of soda and sent me outside with a warning to expect much burping and stomach movement. She was right and the hiccups duly returned about an hour later. Bring back the Rennies.

Secondly a bit of an apology to Heardy’s children who may have been privy to some adult language in the stand on Saturday. Again red-wine-and-port fuelled. Sorry mate.

Thirdly, all Jimmy Webber had to do on Saturday was to hit the target to send a collection of old gits home happy. But no – he hits the post with the goal at his mercy. No further comment needed say I!!

Fourthly, thanks to the Barnstormers for taking Mrs M under their wing at the weekend and for landing me in even more trouble. You the know the conversation the following morning that starts “You didn’t tell me that……”. Looking forward to the trip to Holland though. Can you please remind me when and where.

Finally a big thank you to big Tony Rogers for organising the lunch, to JJ, Georgie and the team for the hospitality, to the 1’s for some great entertainment and to Dan for driving me home.”