Club Day Newsletter

Welcome to the 2017/18 Season. Not much of challenge then for the season ahead. We were arguably the most successful hockey club in England in 2016 -17. Can anyone really beat 5 promotions, National Over 40’s shield winners, Surrey Cup winners, International Vets tour champions, most popular and expanding regional colts section, and the best and most popular club to play for in Surrey? We don’t think so…..

So let’s give it a go and beat our own achievements.

We are no longer a little club in the shadow of Surbiton. Look at the number of new faces in the club. Former Cranleigh pupils have driven the M1’s and L1’s to new heights releasing older players to the lower teams and look what has happened……success. Back to Hockey and Colts parents have fuelled a full new men’s team and boosted the ladies section. WELCOME BACK. We have grown from 6 to 10 teams in 3 years. The Ladies expansion to 4 teams is phenomenal and is already enabling us to attract more members on a daily basis. We have a massive colts section some of whom are now migrating into the adult teams. This is so exciting. And wasn’t last season’s End of Season Dinner the best ever? This season promises to be even better – big marquee etc.


  • To our new 1 st XI sponsor Macai Limited. Nigel Hawes you are a star.
  • To all new players, very young, young and returning. Good, average, indifferent and downright hopeless – you are all welcome and amongst friends.
  • To the former Mid-Surrey Ladies. Re-badged and ready to go. Summer League and pre-season has really connected the Ladies and shows a very promising future.
  • To our new captains and club volunteers. We have a busy season ahead. More welcome.


  • Note the far end of the car park. The OC Society have bought the lease to next door. Very exciting expansion of facilities.
  • Plans afoot for relaying the astro for 2018/19. Fund raising committee building up a head of steam. Might need £100k in 9 months. Nigel Hawes, Ali Fox-Robinson and Darren Smith in charge.
  • JJ and Georgie have worked hard to refurbish the clubhouse. The bar looks great, changing rooms are repainted and we are creating a trophy and honours room. Eat drink and be merry.
  • 5 Cup competitions. M1’s and L1’s EH National cup, O40’s EH National Cup, Mixed EH National Cup and M1’s Surrey Cup. We’ll need your support on Sundays.


  • Ollie Davies is new M1’s captain.
  • Nick Ripley is M1’s Manager.
  • Liz Norrington is new L1’s captain.
  • Ellie Wilson and Ele Groves are new L2’s captains.
  • Zoe Martin is new L3’s captain.
  • Emma Sutton is Media Officer and Serial Blogger.
  • Kate Tanner is Membership Secretary.


More and more all comms will be via Social Media so please keep in touch with the website and all other sites which you young people know about. If you change your details let us know so we can keep in touch.


The money man is Mark “Smudger” Smith. He’s really good and knows when you haven’t paid. The nasty bit is left to the two of us and I can be pretty blunt (Hels is less so) so save me the embarrassment of chasing you. If you want to play after 1 st October pay your subs otherwise I’ll call your captain on Friday and tell him that you can’t play. Simple. You do this by electronic transfer through Go Cardless. The links are on the website. DO IT NOW. Oh and by the way if you don’t pay then we can’t pay for the pitch, the teas, the umpires, the lights, the league fees…….


Three years ago we had a shocker in terms availability because people thought they could pick and choose their fixtures and go to Twickenham to watch the rugby. Then things changed last year and look what happened – we won everything. You are expected to commit to your captains for a whole month in advance and to not pull out. If we all subscribe to this then we all win together. DON’T LET YOURSELF, YOUR TEAM AND YOUR CLUB DOWN.


The OC’s have always been known for a good party and we have a really good party organiser in Georgie. Our parties are getting bigger and better however she needs your attendance, help and support. Again read the social media alerts for details.


We have so much work to do this season and much planning to do for the years ahead. We need help please because this success thing is becoming a full time job. A load of people have stepped up in the last year and guess what – success. Thank you to those who have. For those who haven’t you may just have a skill set in your day job a micro bit of which would help us. Or else you may just be really good and enthusiastic.

Remember – it’s your club (and a bloody good one too!)

That’s it and good luck to all.

Love and Kisses