Club Captains Rant – October 2015


So here we are, the first rant of 2015/16 after a glorious sunny day down at TD on Saturday. Thanks to Georgie, JJ and the team for putting this together. Shame about the rugby result.

It is clear that the new rules this season are managing to cause confusion in the ranks. Martin and I umpired two games on Saturday and the new rules on free hits outside the “D” appears to be the main problem. Thankfully we had Messrs. Copleston, Hawes and Grimes to point out at every opportunity where we may have misinterpreted this and many of the other rules of hockey for which we were both very grateful.

The result of the day had to be the 11-0 victory by the Vamps whose white shirts did cause some confusion amongst some of the brighter OC’s watching who thought that we were in fact the opposition. It was great to meet Jane and the team and I hope that you keep up this scoring record. It was also good to see some of the former 1’s players plying their “not so silky anymore” skills lower down the club (Rippers, Gav, Cato, CB). Yes CD it is obvious why they are now former 1’s players!

Another positive were two goals by Fletch in their 2-1 win before she takes a two week (three match) breather in Namibia. Hard work this captaincy lark. Also nice to see Wiser in role reversal mode looking after his daughter whilst Kara made her playing debut. 1’s skipper Paddy Harman seems to be struggling with the responsibilities of captaincy by substituting himself for the second match running in the second half. (Fitness problems perhaps?). Quote of the day came from the Woking keeper after Paddy’s goal  -“How on earth did you get here?”

Finally Pagey and Paddy have volunteered to organize an OCHC golf day in the spring. Watch the website for date and venue.

More anon.