OCHC PitchIN Fundraising Launch Quiz Night!

Welcome to the first official announcement about our new club pitch! Things have been developing at a rate of knots in the background and we’d now love to get the wider club involved to help raise some essential readies so we can buy the pitch of our dreams.

“How can I help?” we hear you cry. Well, we’re so glad you asked. To kick things off we will be running, what promises to be, a really fun launch night at the club on Thursday 8th February.  We’re aiming to kick things off at 8pm with the bar opening at 7.30pm.

In true OCs spirit we have decided to tap into your competitive nature. Rather than present the information to you a la ‘News at 10’ we have decided to run our very own PitchIN Quiz Night. The bar will be open and we’ve got plenty of amusing and challenging questions at the ready. There will also be some ‘extremely high value’ prizes on offer! By the end of the evening you’ll head off with all the required information and inspiration to go back to your team and start raising the funds needed.

The evening will also be a fantastic chance to chat to other teams about how they plan to raise their money and bounce some ideas around.  With this in mind, we would really appreciate it if at least two representatives from each team and colts age group could attend. Anyone connected to the club is hugely welcome. The more, the merrier!

We look forward to seeing you all on the 8th!