Hockey Museum visits TD

We are delighted and privileged to be able to welcome The Hockey Museum to the club on both Saturday and Sunday (February 29th/March 1st) this weekend. The aim of the museum is to preserve, share and celebrate the rich heritage and history of the sport of hockey, not only in Britain where the modern game started, but also from all round the world.

The Museum is located  in Woking town centre and is now home to a growing collection of hockey archives, artifacts and memorabilia spanning hockey’s 150 year ‘modern’ history. A small display of these historical objects, boards, banners and videos we will be available to view to all who visit the club over the weekend.

If is also an opportunity for you as our OCHC members and any visiting friends or clubs to bring any historical memorabilia along to discuss it, akin to Antiques Roadshow, and be part of continuing growth of this legacy for hockey.

Please do come along and make yourself know to the team of Mike, Judy and Marcus. We would also like to thank David Knapp for his work in making this opportunity available to everyone.

If you are keen to learn more in advance please follow this link to the Hockey Museum website.